Aksantaş; With more than 15 years of experience in the automotive industry, it was established in the Nilüfer Organized Industrial Zone in Bursa in 2005 and is the solution partner of the leading companies in the sector (Passenger, Bus, Truck, Military Vehicle, Defense Industry) in metal shaping.

It has the ability and equipment to perform all metal forming processes (press production, mold production, cnc bending, cnc cutting, welding, assembly) within its own structure.

Our equipment and machine park consists of presses equipped with the latest technology, cnc cutting-twisting machines and welding machines.

In our customer-oriented company, quality, cost and timely delivery are the main principles. Product quality is guaranteed with control systems, laboratory experiments and inspection tests on products, which are applied in every step from raw material entry to product exit.

Aksantaş, which has an important place in the metal industry, has IATF 16949: 2016 and ISO 3834-2 quality certificates. Customer satisfaction indicators, which are important for our company, which continues to work with its machinery and trained personnel following modern technology, are carefully monitored and evaluated.


To be a brand that is with our customers in the fields we operate, that serves at international standards with our quality systems and technology.


To be a dynamic and self-renewing whole with all employees by providing quality products and services that are continuous to all our customers, without any discrimination, by maximizing the trust of all our stakeholders in our company.

In order to realize our vision, customer is our beneficiary principle; to provide competitive priced products and services without any discrimination and to ensure the continuity of product and service quality and timely delivery.

Accordingly, with the understanding of continuous development; To instill the team spirit of our employees, to increase the competence of our employees, to develop cooperation with our suppliers.

Same time; As Aksantaş, we are committed to fulfilling our above objectives in accordance with the legal regulations for internalizing all our targets for our future plans.

Our aim; to take the necessary measures to minimize our environmental impacts and to produce without harming the environment.

Acting with this awareness, Aksantaş aims to “Protect the Natural Environment”;
- Minimizing the harmful effects on the environment arising from production in our facility, ensuring the disposal and / or reuse of waste,
- To comply with all laws, regulations and legislative provisions related to the environment, to fulfill its requirements and ensure its continuity,
- Raising awareness of all our employees and gaining individual responsibility in order to achieve success in the environment,  
- To raise our environmental standards by cooperating with national and local official institutions, other industrial organizations and suppliers,

As Aksantaş, we are committed to fulfilling our above goals.

Our aim; To ensure proper working conditions within the framework of occupational health and safety, to produce by keeping risks under control.

Acting with this awareness, Aksantaş for the purpose of “Protection of Worker Health and Safety”;
- To produce in accordance with work safety by using safe equipment and appropriate technologies,
- To comply with all applicable legislation and administrative regulations regarding Worker Health and Internal Safety,
- To take necessary protective and preventive measures to prevent occupational risks, protect health and safety, and eliminate risk and accident factors,
- To renew the trainings continuously in accordance with the changing and emerging risks and to repeat them in a planned manner,
- To ensure the adoption and implementation of our employees on occupational health and safety,
- To raise our ISG standards by cooperating with national and local official institutions, other industrial organizations and suppliers,

As Aksantaş, we are committed to fulfilling our above goals.